Kurdtel Communications

Kurdtel communications is the first leading company in Kurdistan Region of Iraq, The company was established in 2001 as a joint effort between Kurdistan Regional Government & the Private Sector.
Kurdtel is made up of two major parts:
One of them is Kurd-Tel which is the only common used Normal Phone System of the whole of Sulaimaniya city and the other one is Media-Telecom which also serves a quite acceptable Tel-communication system in the area.
Kurdtel network covers the majority of Sulaimaniya City and provides internet access to all subscribers as mutual cooperation between the company and the (ADSL) provider company. It also provides the interconnection services for the Tel-communication operators inside Sulaimaniya through a reliable fiber optics network, Kurdtel network is connected to the Iraq National Telecommunication network using K-MOC Microwave network.

Kurdtel vision
To be the leading Telecommunication service provider for fixed communications networks in the region & accelerate building up the Optical network towards developing & transforming our network to the based Technologies.
Kurdtel Mission
To provide reliable cost effective services- Increasing the area covered by Kurdtel network and provide the service to the un served areas- Build up fiber optics network to meet the demand of the NGN transformation. Kurdtel company has achieved the following progress in terms of expanding & introducing new services which has continued until today. Switching systems - Changing Sulaimaniya center exchange [cross bar with 10000 sub.] to (3) digital exchanges with a total capacity of (38500 sub) - Connecting these exchange together with fiber optics cable using SDH's - Increasing the number of subscribers by installing a new exchange with a capacity of (61000 sub) & deploying remote units all over the city - Installing a new Tandem switch Cable network - Expanding Sulaimany cable network from (19500 pairs) to (92500 pairs) and the expansion process is still ongoing ,all the necessary work for this process was done by Kurdtel technical staff.
Sulaimaniya - Khanaqa building, Iraq
Tel: +964(0) 53 3184848
E-mail: kurdtel@nokangroup.org.

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