Azmar Air

After opening Iraq towards the world and activating Air Flights on Iraq also the possibilities for traveling outside of Iraq.Our Company for filling that gap and increasing tourists services, Sulaimaniya International Airport has been made as a base for it's activities, from the beginning faced so many difficulties and insisted to continue it's aviation and flights according to international standards and implement flights schedule time table perfectly and became one of the leading camp in aviation transportation in Iraq and the area.

Ever since Azmar Air was founded in 2005, Azmar Air has proven, year after year, that flying is feasible and worthwhile, providing top quality professional air flying services worldwide. Azmar Air is an airline provides air transport services for passengers or freight. Offering world-class travel to many cities. Azmar Air embodies a new era in passenger air travel.

Azmar airline provides charter flights between Sulaimany , Baghdad ,Tehran , Amsterdam Stockholm and Dubai

Contact Information

Sulaimaniya Office, Near Shkar Restaurant
Tel: +964 (0) 53 319 39 29 and +964 (0) 53 319 43 01-02
Mobile: +964 (0) 770 157 19 06
Working Hours: SAT - WED from 8:30 TO 15:30

Erbil Office, Near Franso Hariry Stadium
Tel: +964 (0) 662648601 and +964 (0) 662647150
Mobile: +964 (0) 7501249696
Working Hours: SAT - WED from 8:30 TO 15:30

Homa Travel

Homa Travel provides: - Tourist groups to the countries of Asia and the West, Lebanon and Turkey, - Tickets from Sulaymaniya and Arbil to outside Iraq and also to other countries, - Visa, - Driving private cars to the State of Iran, - Health insurance, - Busses to Turkey and Iran.

Contact Information

Salem Street - Azmar Air building - first floor
Tel: +964 (0) 53 3190253, +964 (0) 53 3190111
Mobile: +964 (0) 770 5033431, +964 (0) 7501131030

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