Dahol Company for Security

Daholl company is one of the special companies of Nokan group, related on security services, registered by KRG, and authorized to participate in the protection of different projects in Kurdistan region of Iraq.
Daholl Company has 1000 employees in different scopes (Guards, Drivers and Translators into foreign language), They are divided into groups of different levels.
According to Daholl’s requirement, these personnel are trained and they will train by the privacy of the projects.
Our company was established some years ago of Nokan’s age. In the beginning our company’s job was limited to protect the companies and projects of Nokan group only, but now we get security contracts with other companies (i.e. Dana Gas& crescent petroleum).
The main office of Daholl company is in Sulaimaniya province, But the guards, vehicles and protection weapons are kept in a place called ( Kani Goma) close to Sulaimaniya. Kani Goma has training and shooting ranges with a (4) halls for teaching guards with all necessary actions..

Contact Information

Salem st.2 ,No 11 , building No. 48 , Aram Quarter , Sulaymania , Kurdistan Region, Iraq.
Tel: 053-3180558

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