Chiya Company

Established in 1997,Capital: 450 milion ID
Chiya Company works in the construction and contracting sector, such as building, roads, bridges, and investments.
Departments of our group:
A– Concrete factory: Containing 12 mobile mixers, 2 pumps and 2 central mixers.
B- Pre – fab sismo Technology: For construction , production capacity ( 480 m2 ) per shift Factory area: 23000m2.
C- Engineer Department: For preparing bill of Quantities, Designing, supervising the projects.
D- Vehicles and Equipment Department: Providing heavy duty vehicles(Shovel, Excavator, Spreading machines, Generators storage tanks). More than 10 small vehicle.
E- Legal Department: Consists of a team of lawyers which guides the company in all its legal procedures.

Contact Information

Sulaimaniya Office:
Sulaimaniya – Chwarta st.
Kirkuk Office:
Kirkuk – Arafa near kirkuk stadium
Mobile: 07701580676

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