Friba factory

This factory was established in 2009

Area: 75000 square meters

Since the beginning of establishment the factory was achieving great success because of the good quality of the production.


The factory activities since the establishment until 31/08/2011

Despite the short period in which this company was founded, the factory has done a lot of projects in a professional way such as:-

1 - The Shoresh district asphalt project 245.582 square meters in Chamchamal

2 - The asphalt project of the following villages (Koshak, Balak jar, Bardy) with an area of ​​44,252 square meters

3 - The asphalt project of village (Wheeler) with an area of ​​14,856 square meters

4 - The project of the districts and streets of Bakrajo with area 10,491 square meters

5 - Village Sdobist in Qaradagh with an area of ​​13,900 square meter

The production capacity of this factory is 2180 tons / day.