Arbat asphalt factory

This factory was founded in 2004

Area ​​35,000 square meters

The factory activities since its establishment to 31/08/2011:-

The factory worked for more than eight years in a coordinated way and completed a lot of projects, including: -

1 - The main road between Sulaymaniyah and Arbat (two-way street) with an area of ​​1.2987 million square meters

2 - The Tasluge / Soleimani road with an area of ​​372,263 square meters

3 - Arbat - Darbandikhan road with an area of ​​141,144 square meters

4 - The asphalt project of (Brzenjh - Zala - and Wheeler) with an area of ​​17,000 square meters And many other projects, such as Halabja districts Bazian, Alae and the streets of Qaiwan city, Zerinok and the streets of Sulaimaniyah University , the Salam checkpoint , Bazian refinery and Sulaimaniya airport and other projects ....

The factory provided employment for more than 30 to 35 workers, as well as the development of the factory capabilities and moved to a bigger place in Arbat with area (107.500 square meters) and the capacity of the production of this factory is 1400 tons per day.