Shkofa Company

Year of foundation: 1999
Degree of company: 1
Manager: Mariwan Taip Saeed
Cooked Sewing, Sulaimaniya
Tel: +964(0)7840107671
Cell:+964 (0)770 156 1567
Sulaimaniya, Ashty St., Further up to Rewan Restaurant


Staff of company:

Mariwan Taib Saeed: manager
Mariwan Taib Saeed: manager
Sarwar Majid Saeed: counter
Basam Hasan Aziz: checker
Hasan Hesen Hamza: accountant
Faruq Ibrahim: storekeeper
Tariq Ghafur Shari: technician


The carried out projects:

1-Engraving (18) special wells
2-(50) deep wells of Sulaimany Directorate of Water which is ongoing up to date
3-Continuation on drilling deep wells in Sulaimany district necessarily

Incoming Project:

1-Drilling core testing of stone and gravel for designing high buildings
2-Setting up a suitable Lab. for testing building stone and gravel for building materials
3-Preparation for inspecting and drilling oil and natural gas wells
4-Employment of Monitoring team to supervise and study the under ground water changes in Sulaimaniya district