Razga Company

Scope of Work: General Trading & Civil Engineering Work
Established on April 14, 2001
Tel: +964(0)533 310 121
Cell:+964(0)770154 3340
Address: Sulaimany, Amin Zaky St.

The management structure of the company consists of the following sections:

1- Manager of the company

2- Accounting

3- Workers

4- Engineers


The carried out projects:

1-Project of 104 houses of Kani Kurda
2-Project of Zrguezalla
4-Halabjai Shahid Project
5-Project of Zerinok, Nawgrdan
6-Halabjai Taza
8-Arbat-Qrga Project
9-Mriam Beg Project
10-Penjwen project
11-Kalar project
12-Sharbazher/Nork Project
13-Sharbazher/Chwarta project
14-Sharbazher/Mawat project
16-Sharbazher/Mrrwe project
17-Barznja project
18-Sismo project
19-Bashmakh project
20-Kurdistan Flag Project
21-Shahid Shahap Hall project
22-Three-star House guest in Halabjai Shahid
23-Culture department of Khanaqin
24-Renovation of Talasima group
25-Renovation of Parwezkhan house guest
26-Martyrs cemetery stones
27-Political Bureau panorama
28-Penjwen PUK Organization Center
29-Kokoiy Condolences Hall
30-Renovation of Halabja monument
31-Renovation of Hamdi Publishing House
32-Renovation of Shahid Ali Swr’s house
33-Building wall and polishing for Kotal-Tasluja
34-Yakhsamar Project
35-Renovation of Sewsenan cemetery
36-Three-class school in Zrgwez
37-Renovation of Qalachwalan Citadel
38-Building Sulaimani Technical College stadium
39-Building Raparin stadium
40-Building Wlwba stadium
41-Building an enclosed stadium in Penjwin
42-Building Mortka village stadium
43-Building Tazade village stadium
44-Building Birke, Kani Heiran and Nazhwen villages fence
45-Building 6-class school Naugrdan
46-Building Secretariat building in Yakhsamar (section 1)
47-Building Secretariat building in Yakhsamar (section 2)
48-Building Yakhsamar condolences hall
49-Sheikh Jaafar’s project (Wala Press)
50-Constructing  Khanaqa bazaar building
51-Awin City project
52-Building Garmian culture center