Raz Company

Raz Company was established on September 9, 1998.
Tel: +964(0)053 3125 299
Address: Salim st by Sulaimaniya Palace hotel

Administrative structure of the company consists of the following sections:
1. Director of Company
2. Accountancy
3. Personnel
4. Engineers


The carried out projects:

1-Transporting water for (Sulaimany) project with FAO
2-Transporting water for (Darstan) project  with FAO
3-Transporting water for (Pebaz) with FAO
4-Constructing pedestrian road in Shexan Qt. together with Sulaimaniya Municipality.
5-Building (100) houses in Chamchamal
6-Building (60) houses in Rapareen
7-Construction of (Parky Azady) pedestrian road
8-Building 4 one-storey flats in Karezawshk,and constructing  2nd and 3rd storey and Meeting Room in the same place
9-Chamchamal Center Renovation
10-Project of renovating and expanding Sharazwr Center in Halabjay Taza
11-Renovation of Bureau of Relations
12-Building (5) Offices for well in Kalakn
13-Building pavement around Azadi Park, Mamostayan and Shekhan Avenues
14-Building 100 houses for Chamchamal displaced people
15-Building 60 Houses for displaced people in Raparin
16-Building a Hall in Sharawani Avenue
17-Building a Hall in Bakhtiari Avenue
18-Building 101 houses for PUK martyrs families in Kalar town
19-Building apartments for Sulaimani-Dukan water system in (Qashqoli, Birqurban, Kotal and Tasluja) stations
20-Building Precast Factory in Bazian
21-Renovation of shahid Shihab Haill in Qallachualan
22-Water provision for Siryas and Dari zain Villages
23-Shorsh Public Hospital
24-Rania Organization Center
25-Chwarta Organization Center
26-Sharazwr Organization Center
27-Chamchamal old municipal
28-deputy secretary general Barham Salih’s vehicles umbrellas
29-Renovation and repair of Relations Bureau building
30-Birakani Kalakn Kurds
31-Husseiniya-Al hakim dome
32-Political Bureau in Sulaimani
33-Renovation of  Political Bureau
34-Building shade and Sliding glass door
35-Bitwen Commitee
36-Renovation of Azmar guest lodging
37-Building a hall for ceremonies in Khanaqin
38-Building a hall for ceremonies in Bawanur
39-Building a Four-class School
40-Mahmud Khan Dizli tomb
41-Building a hall for ceremonies in Qadafari
42-Building a hall for ceremonies in Lamarkazi
43-Building a hall for ceremonies in Chwarkulkni
44-Building a hall for ceremonies in Tapazerina
45-Building a hall for ceremonies in Tapatolka
46-Building a cafeteria for Technical University
47-Building youth Center in Chwarqurna
48-Building a hall for ceremonies in Shaqwli
49-Building and accommodation for Dr. Braham’s home guards
50-Building a fence for Azmar guest lodging
51-Zagros building (1) trading
52-Zagros building (2) trading



The current projects:

1-(Awen City ) Project (120) Houses.
2-Project of Constructing (Pre cast) in Bazyan