Completed projects by Chiya Company

1-Qandul – chwarta pavement road (25 k.m) 1997.

2-Construction of (18) class room school (Qaladiza area) 1999.

3-Construction of (18) class room school (sangasar Qaladiza area) 1999.

4-Construction of (8) buildings of health canters, in 8 villages in rania area 2000.

5-Rebuilding and renovation of (Sulaimany palace hotel 5 stars) 11 stories (1999-2002) And providing its requirement of Furnitures and working the hotel for one year.

6-Construction of (zagros supermarket) building in 5 stories in sulamanaia city (2003-2004)

7-Construction of finance office building in (4) stories for Kirkuk Governorate in emam qasim secter (2007).

8-Renovation of (zain alabdeen) visiting site in (dakook-kirkuk) (2005).

9-Pavement road for (zain alabdeen- dakook) road 3km (2005).

10-Construction of finance office building in (zammar city), (bashiqa city) in Mousle area (2008).

11-Construction of kinder gratin buiding in 2000 m2 area in (Qaladiza town) (1999).

12-Providing the (cham chamal) town secters by the drinking water network (2010).

13-Providing the towns (Bazian, Tainal, Gopala, Tasloja, Takia) by the (5", 4") Poliathilin pipe water line (2010).

14-Renovation and eminence the (1200 mm) pipe main line between (Tasloja-chamchmal Shorsh) Towns (2010).

15-Construction of (4) multiperpuse Halls in (Dakook, Haftaghar, yangija, chamchmal) 2009.

16-Construction of Ganaral Garden in (5) Donms area in Shorja sector Kirkuk (2010).

17-Construction of (6) class room school in (Panja Ali) Kirkuk (2009).

18-Construction of (3) class rooms in (Qandil School & Zhilwan School in rahimawa) Sector Kirkuk ( 2009 ) .

19-Construction of (5) player stadium in (Dooz gormato) Town (2008).

20-Providing (15) an Electrical networks for projects for the sectors (Azadi new, Rahimawa , Shorija , Panja ali , Failaq , Shwan Town , Goldara village dooz town) Kirkuk (2010).