Completed projects by Twzhala Company

1-Double lane street of Airport on Bakrajo way.

2-Bowling Project on Gaqran way.

3-Bakrajo double lane street project.

4-Chamchamal project which is about concreting the quarters.

5-Jibsm Block project in Bazyan.

6-Project of (500 line) phone service center.

7-Ashaba Spi Market.

8-Construction of the new carriage way of sulaimaniyah- arbat main road and repair of the old side (11.5 km) for directorate of roads.

9-Construction and widening entrance of sulaimaniyah for the municipality of sulaimaniyah.

10-Construction of tanjaro way (2km).

11-Construction of three crossing steel bridge .

12-Lightning of entrance of sulaimaniyah by solar and normal system.

13-Lightning of tanjaro way.

14-Construction of the main dual carriage way of the new graveyard (5.5 km) and the roads inside the graveyard.

15-Construction of the new carriage way of arbat – qaragol (6.6 km).

16-Construction of three building for puk bureaus.